Ube White Chocolate Cocoa Bomb

Ube White Chocolate Cocoa Bomb

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<Only available during the Fall/Winter seasons>

 Are you ready to never have regular cocoa again? This Ube treat is our Artisan crafted, Ube white chocolate cocoa bomb! Each bomb is sold a la carte (ONE BOMB). 

The white chocolate shell is colored with all natural purple sweet potato powder & ube powder. The cocoa mixture consists of just 4 ingredients; ube powder, white chocolate powder, dry milk and a touch of granulated cane sugar. Lastly, we put our signature Ube marshmallows in the bomb! Makes for an indulgent cozy up cocoa, you won't want to end!


NOTE Please give a minimum of 7 days notice for a large order.

If in the Antelope Valley area, please contact us to schedule your pick-up. 4-5 days in advance notice required for this dessert!