Ube Mochi Cookies "UBE-OCHI-OOKIES"

These UBE-OCHI-OOKIES, is made with our famous Ube Cookie dough! It's rolled in pure cane sugar for a slight crisp & stuffed with our NEW fresh baked UBE COCONUT MOCHI! You'll taste the iconic flavors of sweet rice, ube coconut mochi & ube cookie in every bite! Let's not forget that legendary chew from the mochi!! MMMM!!!
**SHELF LIFE & STORAGE: This dessert can be in the freezer for up to 1 month!! Once they arrive at your door, enjoy or freeze to enjoy later!**


INGREDIENTS LIST: all-purpose flour, ube "purple yam", coconut milk, un-salted butter, eggs, granulated pure cane sugar, pure cane brown sugar, glutinous rice flour, water, baking powder, sea salt, ube extract.