Ube Mochi Cookie "UBE-OCHI-OOKIE"

Ube Mochi Cookie "UBE-OCHI-OOKIE"

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YOU'VE ALL RAVED, SO WE'VE BROUGHT IT BACK, FOR OUR BIRTHDAY! The Ube-ochi-ookie, will only be available for the rest of September! Every week a pre-order stock will be available to purchase, until sold out. If you miss out one week, come back and be ready to place your order before they are gone.

The UBE-OCHI-OOKIE, is made with our famous Ube Cookie dough! It's rolled in pure cane sugar for a slight crisp & stuffed with our NEW fresh baked UBE COCONUT MOCHI! You'll taste the iconic flavors of sweet rice, ube coconut mochi & ube cookie in every bite! Let's not forget that legendary chew from the mochi!! MMMM!!!

**SHELF LIFE & STORAGE: This dessert can be in the freezer for up to 1 month!! Once they arrive at your door, enjoy or freeze to enjoy later!**

NOTE Please give a minimum of 7 days notice for a large order.

If in the Antelope Valley area, please contact us to schedule your pick-up. 4-5 days in advance notice required for this dessert!