Ube Marshmallows

These Jumbo sized ube marshmallows, are made from scratch by hand and are one of our specialties. As you take a bite, they melt in your mouth! A sweet treat that is definitely going to satisfy your sweet tooth. Perfectly paired with a cup of hot cocoa and toast up for your at home s'mores making! They are big, feel free to cut them in half to share.
3 toppings to choose from:
Powdered sugar (classic + perfect for toasting) 
Purple sanding sugar (texture + perfect to snack on or in your hot cocoa)
Belgian White chocolate dipped with sprinkles (perfect to snack on or in your hot cocoa)


INGREDIENTS LIST: granulated pure cane sugar, light corn syrup, water, knox un-flavored gelatin, ube extract, vanilla extract, un-salted butter, sea salt. 

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