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If you haven't tried Ubelicious, you are definitely missing out! Everything I have ordered from them is fresh and the presentation is equally impressive. Would highly recommend them for desserts for your parties and birthday gifts. They have amazing service & treats!
— Gina T.
After googling where I can buy ube treats, I came across several websites and Ubelicious is by far the best. Out of several businesses I reached out to about their goods so I can try, Ubelicious is the only one that responded to me and in a couple of hours too. I received my package in 3 days and was delivered with care (I live in the east coast and the ube treats are from SoCal). When I tried them, I felt like I was BLESSED BY THE GODS. These ube treats DO NOT disappoint. I love how moist they are and how the flavors come together. My favorite part is the variety there is available on the website. I definitely will be buying again very soon.
— Elisa C.
I ordered cupcakes for my birthday, and asked to have the cupcakes customized with the type of frosting and decorations that I liked. Not only was the cupcake looked so beautiful, the taste, texture and how it almost melts in your mouth with every bite... oh so heavenly!! You have to try it to believe me!
My family and I are so proud to say the baker is FILIPINA!
Kababayan, Mabuhay!
— Maria P.
By far the best UBE/Filipino dessert by far. Out of several places I’ve tried Ubelicious takes the cake! Every single item on the menu is worth trying, and the crack cookies are truly addicting. To top off my experience the customer service is excellent. Quick communication, ease of pay and pick up and to mention many times I have asked orders last minute and I have been accommodated every time! Great choice for parties, to add to a gift or to satisfy that your sweet tooth!!
— Daryl E.
OMG! These are the best cookies I have ever had they are straight Fire. I almost had to hide these from the family everyone love them.
— Chad C.
These were a gift to a friend who loves UBE in general. She LOVED them and shared them with her coworkers who in turn LOVED them as well and BEGGED to know where to buy them. Great quality, well packaged for the shipping, hit the spot as intended!
— Kyle F.
Let me tell you I bought this to try because I've never had this before. I was away when it got delivered and told my family they can have a few… when I got home there was one left and that one cookie was one of the best cookies I've had! Thank you for the amazing cookie but also I hate you for making cookies so amazing, it made my family feral enough to leave me just one!😂👍
— Victoria C.
I'm so happy that it got here so quickly. Although it's a present for my dad, he'd understand that I absolutely had to taste test these cookies for quality control! These cookies captured everything good about Ube! Thank you. And yes, I did have more than one. It's not labeled crack for nothing.
— Shalimar M.
Carbs and lifting what a great way to end your day. These ube desserts are phenomenal the cookies are soft and moist, cupcakes are to die for, brownies are out of this world. Every treat says that the creator really is passionate about their craft. I highly recommend these and will definitely purchase more in the future.
— Jason G.
Saw these goodies on my uncles social media and ordered some for myself and I'm sure glad I did. I ordered a box because I wanted a variety. I absolutely LOVEEEE the rice krispies, and my boyfriend is obsessed with the Crack Cookies. We have already placed our second order, lucky they ship to us here in Vegas. The wait is very much worth it!
— Shantae P.

Our Mission

Ubelicious, is an experience that will make your taste buds wonder why our desserts weren't in your life sooner! A true ah-ha moment, when your eye's widen then roll back as your body swoons... because when you bite into our desserts, your mind will be blown! Using only authentic Ube, imported from the Philippines and high quality all-natural ingredients, our desserts stand up to their name!

Our Founder & Head Baker, wants everyone to experience the flavors she grew up eating and baking at her Lola's house. Traditionally, ube desserts are served in sweet rice desserts or as a jam, known as "ube halaya". Our founder decided to create modern desserts which implement Ube's rich flavor, at the forfront. You'll taste the purple yam's nuttiness, with vanilla-like flavor.

So, what are you waiting for? Order and you'll be in Ubelicious heaven in no time!

Make your event, one to remember!

High Quality Custom Ube Cakes

Contact us today, to design the custom ube cake of your dreams!

What is Ube?

Amongst all things heavenly, ube has been making it's way to the mainstream. Ube, or purple yam, is a major root crop in the Philippines and has been used in Filipino cuisine for decades. It's vibrant purple color inside, is what makes our desserts so unique and beautiful. Need I say more? Let your taste buds do the talking. U-be fallin' in love with our desserts! 

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Order lead time is 7-10 business days. When you place an order, it's a pre-order. Once your order has been baked, it will be packaged and then shipped; this is when you'll receive the tracking number.


Our desserts have a shelf life of 7 days after you receive them in the mail. Once they arrive, they can be placed in the freezer for up to 1 month, for optimal freshness. Thaw fully before you enjoy! Please note: The rice krispies should be kept at room temperature, and are fresh up to 1 month.