Chewy & decadent Ube perfection

The OG Ube Brownie Bar

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They won't last long, once you crack into them!

Ube "crack" Cookies

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It's back!! enjoy our ubelicious cookie, topped with our homemade coconut caramel sauce & toasted coconut!

Coconut Caramel Ube Cookie

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stuffed with marshmallows and Oreo pieces, topped with Ube Ganache!

Ube Rice Krispies

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OREO+Cookies 'N' Cream EDITION - Ube "crack" Cookies

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Our Mission

Our Founder & Head Baker Stephanie, wants everyone to experience what she grew up eating at her Lola's house. Traditionally, ube desserts are served in sweet rice desserts or as a jam, known as "ube halaya". Stephanie decided to create modern desserts which implement Ube's rich flavor, at the forfront. You'll taste the purple yam's nuttiness, with vanilla-like flavor. Our desserts will immerse you into the UBElicious experience, and keep you wanting more! So, what are you waiting for? Order and Ube an ube lover in no time!

What is ube?

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